Empowering The Future

A great article for those trying to empower your inner expert to live a joyful, prosperous life.

Evie Stamps
February 1, 2022

Designing her services on a foundation of integrity, Evie Stamps is a distinguished self-transformation coach whose underlying mission is to help others heal from the past, align with the present, and surface profound clarity to cultivate an empowering future. As the founder of Untethered Prosperity, Evie has an extensive expertise involving intuitive personal development, deep meditation practices, and inner expert activation methods and enjoys every moment of helping others obtain breakthrough mindset shifts so they can live the prospering lives they deserve.

Born into a family filled with love, laughter, and acceptance but with trauma, abuse, and abandonment twists, Evie learned early on in life the true value of forgiveness, resilience, and possessing self-love. With this as her base, it ultimately became the catalyst for Evie to attend two years of college and quickly begin building an eclectic inventory of career experiences that shaped her into the dynamic professional she is today. To date, Evie has been a lifeguard, an after-school program coordinator, a preschool teacher, a contractor for the Postal Service, a business owner for in-home services, and was a professional caregiver (later the Executive Director) for a home care agency while simultaneously caring for her parents’ full time in the sunset of their lives.


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