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Your journey to a truly extraordinary life.

Evie Stamps is a visionary life transformation coach, dedicated to empowering individuals from all walks of life to unlock their full potential and elevate their unique human experience.

Evie Stamps


Discover Evie Stamps Life Transformation Coaching, where healing from the past, aligning with the present, and cultivating an empowering future converge. As a trauma-informed self-transformation coach, Evie Stamps founded Untethered Prosperity to help you experience breakthrough mindset shifts and live the life you deserve.

Evie's extensive expertise in intuitive personal development, deep meditation practices, and inner expert cultivation methods allows her to guide clients through transformative journeys that heal the heart, discipline the mind, and nurture the soul. Her passion for coaching is rooted in her own healing journey and an innate desire to help others thrive using proven strategies and techniques.

Drawing from a diverse and eclectic background, Evie has honed her ability to understand and respond to others' needs. From her time spent as a caregiver, educator, business owner, and executive leadership, managing a large team and nurturing client relationships, to raising her own family and caring for her parents, Evie has developed a deep appreciation for the power of conversation, connection, and collaboration.

Today, Evie is dedicated to helping clients translate their life visions into tangible realities within a safe and supportive environment. Through private coaching sessions, group sessions, Meditation Journeys, the Untethered Prosperity Masterclass, and the Affective Alchemy Workshop, she empowers clients to discover their inner genius and live a life filled with purpose, peace, and fulfillment.

At the heart of her work, Evie believes that each individual holds the power to break through mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks to achieve untethered prosperity. By guiding clients to leverage their internal power, she helps them transform into the best version of themselves.

Continually seeking personal and professional growth, Evie is dedicated to providing clients with the comprehensive support and results they deserve. When not coaching or nurturing her own development, she cherishes time spent with her husband, children, dog, and grandson, enjoying pilates, nature, traveling, reading, and connecting with good friends.

Embark on a transformative journey with Evie Stamps Life Transformation Coaching, and ignite your inner flame to achieve untethered prosperity.


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